The City of Panama Old and New!

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From the vibrant city of Panama City, the rainforest, friendly tribes, to the amazing experience of the Panama Canal, Panama has it all!

Taking an incredible journey on the canal makes you feel humble. You have plenty of time to think about the adventure that it was to create the most important waterway in the world a 100 years ago.

Spending time on the Panama canal is quite an experience. It starts first by watching the boats lining up on the Pacific side waiting their turn to enter the canal and the locks to make it to the Atlantique, accross Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks raising the boats 85 feet above sea level (26 meters) to the man made lake Gatun, the last lock, Gatun locks and finally to the Atlantique. Between 35 and 40 boats cross the 80 kilometers of the Canal each day through a 8/10 hours journey making an incessant dance from one side to the other side of the Isthmus.

The Canal: from a simulator experience to the real deal!

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But Panama is also a huge ecosystem, rainforest, animals and tribes like the friendly Emberas who share their traditions and way of life with eager tourists or the famous Kuna and the art of the Mola.


On the Chagres River live the Embera tribe.
Kuna indians sale their Mola, colorfull tapestry in the markets of Panama city taken turn.

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For further informations on the Panama canal I will recomand watching the excellent Nova movie: “A Man, A Plan, A Canal – Panama”.



“Before They Pass Away…”

I was reading and admiring the amazing photos and experience that Jimmy Nelson and his team took on their incredible journey of documenting some 29 tribes “Before They Pass Away“. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so:

This has been one of my dreams since I started traveling 25 years ago, sharing even for one short time the life of those people who chose to live their life the same way than their ancestors…I have been fascinated by anthropology for years and read a lot about this subject. Lucky enough I was able to spend some extraordinary time with 8 of the tribes that Jimmy visited (except that I didn’t have and still don’t have the same budget ;)) and some others that he didn’t mention.  (more…)