What Gets You Out?

People ask me, how does it start? what make you chose a place, a country, how do you decide?

Well , it depends….sometime a picture will trigger the desire to go to a place, sometimes it is a movie, a book, a encounter with another traveller and sometimes I just follow my heros. From Ibn Battuta, to Marco Polo, T.E. Lawrence, Alexandra David Neel or Nicholas Bouvier, the list is long of people that I admire for their writing and their journey around this world. Long time gone, they were like me, travelers. They walked the same road centuries, years ago. They were pioneers in their field. They left the comfort of their home to follow their dreams. I could stay at home but like them the world is my playground. I love to discover new places, leave the main road and see what I will find.

What is yours?

One thought on “What Gets You Out?

  1. CM

    My playground is community. Communities of fellow seekers. And WHERE we are is not as important as HOW we are together. Of course a nice place to commune, a unique setting can inspire and motivate.

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